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COFAR testimony re H.93 An Act regarding transparency for individuals and guardians

COFAR testimony on H.172 Supported Decision Making bill

COFAR info on H.117 DPPC bill

COFAR Fact Sheet No. 1 H.93 An Act regarding transparency for individuals and guardians1

COFAR Fact Sheet No. 2 H.1415 An Act further regulating the appointment of certain guardians

COFAR Fact Sheet No. 3 H.125 An Act establishing an independent office of quality assurance

COFAR Fact Sheet No. 4 H.88 An Act Relative to Community Based Day Support Services

COFAR Fact Sheet No. 5 S.73 Act to Increase the Safety of Individuals with Disabilities Relying on Life Support Equipment

COFAR issues and recommendations re DDS August 2019

COFAR testimony in support of H. 1459, a bill supporting family rights in guardianship cases 6.24.15

COFAR letter to Children and Families Committee re clinical evaluation of Andy McDonald2.3.15

COFAR letter to A&F Secy. Lepore re FY ’16 DDS budget1.20.15

COFAR letter to DDS re licensure regs changes12.12.14

COFAR comments to DDS re HCBS policy 11.10.14

COFAR letter to Sen Brewer re sheltered workshops5. 2. 14

COFAR testimony re H. 1464 guardianship 4.28.14

COFAR letter re Real Lives bill redraft 1.27.14

COFAR testimony to ChildrenFamilies Committee7.16.13

June 26, 2012: COFAR response to DDS Commissioner Elin Howe re group home licensure system

March 9, 2012: COFAR testimony to House and Senate Ways and Means committees re an independent study of closing developmental centers

January 4, 2012: COFAR testimony to EOHHS re managed care for disabled plan

April 2011: COFAR Position Paper: The Case for the Developmental Centers