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We have established this page on our website as a resource for families seeking information about the coronavirus and how to advocate for their their loved ones in the care of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

We will be updating the page periodically.

From our January 13, 2021 Blog Post

COVID vaccination new update: Program starting next week in DDS group homes

UPDATE to our previous Update:

Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Commissioner Jane Ryder issued a letter to families and providers this afternoon (January 13), stating that vaccinations of both residents and staff in DDS state-run and provider-run group homes will begin next week, the week of January 18.

This is in line with what Governor Baker announced today (see below), but seems to contradict information earlier this week from DDS that the vaccinations were starting this week.

We have also heard from some families of group home residents who were informed that vaccinations were starting this week.

Ryder also stated in her letter that vaccinations of home-based healthcare workers will begin in early February. For DDS, that includes shared living providers, home-based respite, individual/family
support staff who provide in-home services, and participants who self-direct their services.

Ryder also forwarded guidance from the Department of Public Health on vaccine distribution in congregate care facilities.

Elizabeth Morse, DDS deputy commissioner for operations, had stated in an email on Monday that the vaccination program was starting in DDS congregate programs this week.

Morse said a “small amount of vaccines” were previously distributed to the Hogan Regional Center and Wrentham Developmental Center “to help get the vaccine clinics set up.”

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General information about the coronavirus and DDS

The following is a link to information provided about COVID-19 on the DDS website:

The following is a link to Information about vaccines in the DDS system. Go to COVID-19 Vaccinations for Congregate-Care Settings

In addition, the following is a link to weekly COVID-19 testing results for DDS and other congregate care facilities:

You can also send questions or concerns to us by emailing either Colleen Lutkevich at, Thomas J. Frain, Esq. at, or David Kassel at We will forward your concerns to DDS.