We are a statewide nonprofit organization established in 1983 that advocates on behalf persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, such as autism, and on behalf of their families and guardians. 


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The September 2018 COFAR Voice  

Our September 2018 issue of The COFAR Voice newsletter is now online, with stories about:

  • The excruciatingly slow-paced and thus far non-transparent review that the Legislature’s Children and Families Committee is undertaking of the DDS system,
  • The decision by the state’s Public Records supervisor to uphold the secrecy of virtually all reports done by the Disabled Persons Protection Commission,
  • The lack of available work opportunities for DDS clients, and the confusion over federal and state rules governing those activities,
  • How direct-care workers at two DDS-funded day program agencies won at least partial victories in their fight for adequate wages and working conditions,

and much more.

You can find the new newsletter here and on our newsletters page.  

We’ve updated our Advocacy Guide

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) system in Massachusetts, or if you simply want more information about matters relating to the care of your loved ones in the system, we hope our Advocacy Guide can help. In it, you will find both tips and advice on care and services, eligibility issues, Individual Support Plans, guardianship, and other issues.

COFAR constructed this guide as part of our mission of providing advocacy information and advice to families and guardians of those with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, wherever they may live.

As of March 2016, we have updated the Guide to reflect changes in DDS regulations, and have added new information on issues ranging from guardianship to getting SSI and Medicaid benefits.

You can access the updated Guide by  clicking here.  We welcome your feedback!            

COFAR is affiliated with The Wrentham Association, and nationally with VOR.