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                                                The April 2014 COFAR Voice  

Our April 2014 issue of The COFAR Voice is now online, with a story about three cases in which the state, the courts, providers, and court-appointed guardians have acted to block families’ decision-making authority and even contact with their disabled loved ones.  

The April newsletter issue also has articles on COFAR’s call for more balance in DDS funding; new DDS data showing residents of former developmental centers have overwhelmingly chosen to remain in state care; the results of our survey on executive compensation of DDS provider executives, and much more.  You can find the new newsletter here.                                                 


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Our Mission

COFAR is a statewide, nonprofit organization that advocates for choice in, and access to comprehensive and high-quality care for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Through the efforts of our family members and volunteers, we advocate for adequate funding and staffing for residential and other programs provided by the Department of Developmental Services.  We also provide advocacy information and advice to families and guardians of those with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, wherever they may live.