Our latest survey of executive compensation of corporate providers of services to the developmentally disabled

Summary Chart

Vendor survey summary chart 1.22.15

We reviewed the federal tax forms for some 300 state-funded, corporate providers in Massachusetts, most of which provide residential and day services to persons with developmental disabilities.  Our survey shows that more than 600 executives employed by these providers form a layer of corporate bureaucracy that is costing taxpayers in the vicinity of $100 million a year in salaries and benefits.

For the complete survey chart, click here.

The October 2014 COFAR Voice  

Our October 2014 issue of The COFAR Voice newsletter is now online, with stories about both promises and pitfalls of major new legislation on national DDS background checks, DDS eligibility, and “person-centered planning.”

The newsletter also discusses potential problems with a new state policy on community-based care, and reveals that a new law authorizing the sale of land at the Fernald Developmental Center has left people with developmental disabilities out of the equation. You can find the new newsletter here and on our newsletters page.                                                 


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Our Mission

COFAR is a statewide, nonprofit organization that advocates for choice in, and access to comprehensive and high-quality care for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Through the efforts of our family members and volunteers, we advocate for adequate funding and staffing for residential and other programs provided by the Department of Developmental Services.  We also provide advocacy information and advice to families and guardians of those with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, wherever they may live.